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so with the implementation of a free f2p (after passing the poll) on the 19th, will these other actions take effect immediately such as:

On F2P restrict trading of resources off an account until a certain amount of quest points have been reached
• On F2P and after level 20 combat you do not receive combat XP for damaging an NPC if your combat level is more than twice its combat level

the first one is fine but the second one seems a bit unrealistic. The monster variety in f2p for training is already scarce. certain monsters hit hard on you even if you are already twice their level..such as moss giants, deadly red spiders, and an assortment of others in the security of stronghold. Also, by implementing this then a player can not reach his/her full potential in f2p. for example, i am level 110, i have to fight monsters level 55 and higher...where am i going to do this? the variety is very low.

if you are going to implement this then at least do 1/3 of the level. that makes things a bit more user friendly :P

31-Jan-2015 18:17:45

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