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System Update

This week's update is here. We're keeping it short but sweet with several bug fixes.

    • Clue scroll stages no longer increase when bouncing different clue scrolls.
    • The Tanzanite helm and Magma helm now keep their colour when dropped on death, unless you died to a PKer. In PvP, the helms still revert to the tradeable green form so that your PKer can receive them as loot.
    • Performing the same SOS emote 4 times no longer completes the diary task asking you to perform each of the 4 emotes.
    • Sea snake kills are now tracked on the slayer log.
    • Sea snakes have been added to the slayer skill guide.
    • You can now cast telegrab around Seers' courthouse.
    • Prevented some diary task messages from appearing if you haven't started the related diary.
    • Bracelets of clay no longer randomly consume charges if you haven't completed the Varrock achievement diary.
    • Fixed a labeling issue on the female uncharged tanzanite helm.
    • Filtered some game messages relating to agility obstacles and pickpocketing.

Behind the Scenes...

Ian and Mod Ash are working away on Resizable Mode. The gameframe elements are coming on well, with option buttons to control the chatbox transparency and the layout of the stone buttons:

... but there's a lot of work still to do, reviewing around 540 interfaces to make them handle a resizable screen. We hope to have this ready for launch at the start of June.

Mod Maz is working on our Duel Arena, as a break from her usual RS3 work, adding in a few essential improvements such as preventing players from changing the setup options without their opponents noticing, and showing more useful information on the confirmation screen. While she's deep in the Duel Arena code, she's happy to build in a few extra features if you vote for them in Content poll #33.

In Other News...

Content poll #33 is now open, offering a range of features from quick world hopping to Farming improvements. Be sure to check out the developer blog for all the info then head to a poll booth to vote!

Join us later today for the Old School developer Q&A on the RuneScape Twitch channel. We'll be answering the most pressing questions from the Old School community live at 5pm BST.

Keep up-to-date with updates and what is going on with the Old School team by following us on Twitter: @JagexArchie, @JagexAsh, @Jagex_Ghost, @Jagex_Ian, @JagexJohnC, @JagexMatK, @JagexRonan and @JagexWeath

Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Mat K, Ronan, Weath
The Old School Team

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Mini Finbarr

Mini Finbarr

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Good to see that recoloured helms won't lose their colour on death now. Considering the rarity of mutagen drops, I think this is reasonable.

Will Mod Maz's duel arena fixes (in regards to the first/second screen and such) be polled or introduced without a poll due to their impact on game integrity/scamming?

That was close, same second for first post.

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