Dev Blog: Priority Poll #4

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Dev Blog: Priority Poll #4

It has been a while since the last Old School priority poll and we have since worked through all of the pieces of content voted as the top priorities by the community. As such, we've got another priority poll set to begin this Thursday to help us plan our priorities for the next stretch of updates.

The new priority poll format

With this priority poll we want to see what types of content the community would like, not just specific pieces of content. Avoiding specific pieces of content for the priority poll will allow us to get a better idea of what the community would like without the specifics of certain updates swaying the outcome.

It is important that you vote for which you, as an individual, would most like to see. This will give us a clear view of what the community wants.

Every single question in the priority poll will have the following options for responses:

1. Not at all important
2. Not very important
3. This is important
4. This is very important
5. This should be a priority

We'll be able to cross reference the different elements of each question to find out what the community as a whole would like to see in Old School.

Level of content

In this priority poll we will also be asking about what level content the community would like to see for some types of content. Specifically, we will be asking about low, medium and high level content. We will be considering these to mean:

  • Low: Skill level 1 - 59 (combat 3 - 75)
  • Medium: Skill level 60 - 85 (combat 76 - 108)
  • High: Skill level 86+ (combat 109+)

  • These different tiers are merely guidelines. They are not solid boundaries of who content will be accessible to.

    The questions

    We will be asking you to let us know how important the following types of content are to you:

  • Low level PvM content
  • Mid level PvM content
  • High level PvM content
  • Low level Skilling content
  • Mid level Skilling content
  • High level Skilling content
  • Low level quests
  • Mid level quests
  • High level quests
  • QoL updates
  • Old school designed clan system
  • PvP content
  • Giving players more tools to contribute directly to the development process
  • Solo content
  • Group content

  • Once the priority poll is closed and we have a good idea of what you would like to see in Old School we can begin offering specific pieces of content to the community. The results of this poll will decide the course of Old School's development for the next several months. Make sure to have your say!

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    The Old School Team


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    Old school designed clan system


    Would this copy/mimic the RS3 clan system and allow for clans to thrive in both games without using friends chats?


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    Clan system sounds SICK

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    Old school designed clan system this would be really nice getting bored of having a clan in a friend chat
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