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Nice Updates. Tyvm. :)

Yes, i am glad about all what is here not how in rs 3. Runescape 3 had i must quit because each browser was unable to Play rs 3 with. Same was after Retro Mash up Updates. 3 weeks the Client for rs 3 worked. Then was implemented this Update and since then Client again worked not more. I am glad that OSRS works with another game engine as RS 3. So can i continue to use my Membership.

It was very hard to make quests in english , always with german and english game guide and Google translator open. Same Problem is , because different Quests not can start, anyway i have all things it are need. Pirate Quest line i can't start because first quest the Red Beard tell a sentence about else, but no queststart.

I miss here very much rs 3 minigames, 120 Mil XP Cape and more as this summon skill - because it's my favourite - but i believe rs 3 was grown to very much to can be continued used Java to Play it.

So is my once what i can do, here to stay, to Play osrs. Better let it so how it is, is more fun as RS 3. Runescape 3 worked since 5 years not more corect.

I am glad about all bugfixes. Tyvm. :)

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