Dev Blog: Clan Cup 2015

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Dev Blog: Clan Cup 2015

PvP Cups
PvM Cups
Skilling Cups
Global Rules
PvP Rules
PvM Rules

The Clan Cup is here! With registration opening on Monday and the competition starting on December 4th, we would like to fill you in on all of the details of the Clan Cup 2015.

Event Details

PvP Cups

This year there will be seven PvP cups for clans to compete in; All-Out Cup, 10 vs 10 Cup, 20 vs 20 Cup, 30 vs 30 Cup and Pure Cup.. There will also be a F2P All-Out cup and F2P 30vs30 Cup.

The All-Out Cup is what it says on the tin, it is an all-out battle and you can bring as many people as you can pull. This Cup will highlight those clans with really active players who know how to fight in large groups.

The Pure Cup is the same as the All-Out Cup, but Defence-noobs are not allowed. All participating clan members must be 30 Defence or lower.

The 10 vs 10, 20 vs 20 and 30 vs 30 Cups are all fairly self-explanatory. The same rules apply as with the All-Out Cup but with limits on the number of clan members that can take part in wars.

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PvM (Head-to-Head) Cup

Any events taking place within the PvM cup will be held at the PvM Arena.

The PvM Arena will be a safe area in which different boss monsters will be spawned every 15 seconds (or once a previous boss has been killed) up to a limit of 3 at once. Clan leaders will be able to access the PvM Arena and bring in their clans between the times of 8pm GMT Friday and 10pm GMT Sunday.

The Head-to-Head Cup is a battle between two clans to achieve the most boss kills inside the PvM arena within an hour. At the end of the hour, the clan with the most kills takes the win.

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The Skilling Cup will allow skilling clans to test their total levels against each other. Each week a different skill will be chosen and clans are tasked with achieving the most efficient hour possible within that week. Using the data warehouse, we will take the experience earned in the most efficient hour in that skill from your top 5 performing clan members and will add it up. Each week the clan with the most experience earned within those top 5 hours will take the win.

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Event Rules

Global Rules

These rules apply throughout all cups.

1. Event time and world

a) All events must take place between 8pm GMT Friday and 10pm GMT Sunday each week.
b) All conversation regarding the times and world for the event must take place on the appropriate Cup Planning thread.
c) Only leaders must post in the Cup Planning threads.
d) Where necessary, both leaders must post agreement to a time and world on the appropriate Cup Planning thread by 5pm GMT on the Friday prior to the event weekend.
e) If one leader suggests a time and date and no response is made from the second leader, the time for the event will be at the time and on the world the first leader originally suggests.
f) If the two leaders cannot agree on a date or a world the time of the event will be at 8pm GMT on the Saturday of the event weekend and the world will be world 333.

2. Event Clan Member Rules

a) Only those members listed as members of your clan when you registered can be used during a clan event.

3. Event Result

a) The winner of the event should post the result on the Clan Cup Results thread within one hour of the event being completed.
b) The defeated clan leader has 24 hours from the time of this post to raise any disputes.
c) Should your opponent not show up within 15 minutes of the agreed starting time, you will win by default.
d) Should your opponent not show up within 15 minutes, post in the appropriate Clan Cup Result thread within one hour of the start of the event that you have won by default.
e) In the event of no posts about the event result by 23:59 on the Sunday following the event, both clans will be disqualified.

4. Multi clanning

a) Players may only represent one clan in any cup that they enter, however they may represent different clans in different cups.

5. Disputes

a) If you believe that your opponent has broken any of the rules above, post in the appropriate Clan Cup Disputes thread.
b) Any dispute must be accompanied by evidence, we will accept evidence in any form although video or screenshot is preferable

6. Byes

a) It may be necessary to grant byes to clans due to the amount of entrants. If this should be necessary, we will do so by selecting clans at random to receive these byes.

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PvP Rules

1. All battles must take place in the clan wars arena.

2. The arena being used will be determined by the representatives of each clan and confirmed in the PvP Clan Cup Planning thread.

3. Both leaders must post agreement to an arena and set of rules on the PvP Clan Cup Planning thread by 5pm GMT on the Friday prior to the battle weekend.

4. If one leader suggests an arena and no response is made from the second leader, the arena and rules will be at those that the first leader originally suggests.

5. If no agreement is made between the two clan leaders, the following default arena and rules will be used

a. Arena: Turrets
b. All combat styles allowed
c. Food and drinks allowed
d. Special attacks allowed
e. All spellbooks allowed
f. All prayers allowed
g. All miscellaneous options disabled
h. Stragglers: Kill ‘em all

6. All battles are non-returning

7. All-out

a. No limit on clan members that can attend

8. 30 vs 30

a. Limited to 30 members per side

9. 20 vs 20

a. Limited to 20 members per side

10. 10 vs 10

a. Limited to 10 members per side

10. Pure

a. All clan members must have 30 Defence or lower

11. All F2P cups must take place on F2P worlds
12. The mass changing of names to make it more difficult to call names will lead to your clan being disqualified from the Clan Cup. The names of clan members must be reasonably easy to distinguish.

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PvM Rules

1. Must take place in the PvM arena

2. Limited to 15 members per side

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Tournament Progression

PvP Cups

The progression of the PvP section of the tournament will be very simple, with a loss meaning elimination.

PvM Cups

As with the PvP cups, one loss in the PvM cup will mean elimination.

Skilling Cup

Each team will receive points based on the position they achieved each week. At the end of the tournament these points will be tallied up and the team with the most points will be declared the winner.

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