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IIllIlIIllIl said:
Marthella said:
IIllIlIIllIl said:

Well... first of all, 14 whips and 14 dragon chainbodies weighs quite a lot and players with 14 whips and 14 dragon chainbodies (letís call it The Lucky Player) run energy will deplete faster than those who has almost nothing on it. Itís usually the long walk to shrine .... And you can probably consider this as your required real skill with the help of which the not so lucky player won against The Lucky Player.

As I said, a whip might put the target on player and everyone might unite a

It will weigh them down?? Seriously? And at the very start of the game, there's time to get to a shrine. As for "everyone might unite" and kill that player - umm... no. They won't. Are you going to be the first one to take a chance and go after the player with a whip when you're wearing the awful wooden spear that you start with? No. You're not. And neither is the other guy/girl with the spear or even the unlucky people with the willow shortbow/mithril arrows or the mithril scimitar. I'd rather have 14 whips + 14 chain bodies than 28 bass and the wooden spear at the start of the game, or any of the other weapons, for that matter.

27-Jul-2016 19:22:38

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