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The quest completion within a week is a horrible idea, since this gives literally everyone the same advantage meaning you can play effortlessly and be completely pk ready which is absurd as it's supposed to be a time investment.

After reading the post, the only thing I can see being a positive is the removal of Fog because that has literally ruined every tournament so far. The gaining experience from death thing is a bit silly as people may find ways to boost and take advantage of this but due to the short lifespan of the servers I don't see this having a detrimental impact.

My idea to keep people playing and make DMM fair is a very simple one:
Introduce combat level restrictions when fighting. (Like PvP worlds +/-10 or 15)
Why? Because it gives people a reason to invest the time into different type of account builds in order to gain an advantage and of course this restriction would be removed for the actual tournament giving those who play the server the opportunity to have fun with it how they want to.

E: Oh great misread the part where you said you're gonna insta kill people instead of the fog lol nice going... /s
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Mod Ronan said:
The Deadman Overhaul developer blog can be viewed <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.

This thread is for the purposes of discussion.

Wel I for one am happy I won't have to do monkey madness and desert treasure for the 705858 time. I wanted this change implemented so hard.

18-Jan-2017 15:55:27

Gov na

Gov na

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I think this is great update that can help casual players and people who have lives keep up with the ones who play 12-20 hours a day for the first week (like myself).

However, for many people the unlocking of quests won't make them play less. They will just focus on training combat stats instead and maybe pk starting week 2.

To truly ensure people who can "only" play 6-8 a day keep up with the people who play 12-20 hours a day I think xp/level capping must be introduced. I don't like depriving myself of sleep to stay ahead of everyone else, but I do it because I can.

18-Jan-2017 15:56:40

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