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tnruB said:
So we get a fast official reply from Jagex regarding mouse key programs, but no word on Australian servers? Cool

They must have given statements/answers on this about 100 times now? O_o

Anyway, I'm pleased with the Tithe farm fix, so annoying losing progress near the end just due to brief d/c. One thing though, do you still lose the fruits you harvested if they're in your inventory?

31-Jan-2017 17:11:59



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Oh, boy! I know a certain someone who really liked the crop-top look of the Armadyl chestplate. He ranted about it in a certain thread and claims he plays OSRS because it preserved the look he loved. I bet he'll be steamed about this set of patches! lol

But in all seriousness I think you guys are doing a great job in OSRS. I wish the RS3 team would be this upfront.
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01-Feb-2017 02:45:49



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Good, I write because they gave me blocking the account for supposedly to use third party applications I would like to be given proofs since I never use bot I am a person who spends playing day and night to get me to block the account without any reason I wish they wrote me please. Att: AshuraSennin email:

01-Feb-2017 12:14:08

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