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Packyff said:
Can you make sure the plain silver necklace looks different from the one from Murder Mystery quest?

I think those of us who smuggled it out of the quest using tele grab should still be able to flaunt our coolness.

There is no plain silver necklace.
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03-Feb-2017 07:44:06



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Is there anyway you can make the new silver jewellery look different from gold based jewellery? i was making some of the new amulets and necklaces and noticed that if you don't enchant them they look identical to gold based amulets and necklaces. Example is opal necklace and diamond necklace/ phoenix necklace. I just do not want any chance for scamming to happen. I know that it is most likely just me over reacting but i thought i should ask anyways. Other than that i love the new burning amulet and necklace of passage, really helpful for clue scrolls.

03-Feb-2017 16:26:51

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Rebawoo said:
You can kill Vyrewatch with the new Red Topaz ring?

I believe you can't. I'll give it a try in a mo anyway...
In fact, introducing the possibility of killing Vyrewatch (as a slayer task as well) would be IMHO one of the best update so far.

05-Feb-2017 17:24:07

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grammar mistake
stamina potions and overloads

the effect has ran out

the effect has run out

present perfect is formed with (has/have) and the past participle, not simple past tense. 'run' is the past participle. thanks.

16-Feb-2017 07:10:38

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Great update. Especially useful for Ironmen.

How did you determine the high alchemy values for silver jewelry vs. their enchanted versions? Most values don't change, but one changes quite a bit, especially when compared to the rest of the enchanted silver jewelry family and their golden counterparts.

19-Feb-2017 22:02:13 - Last edited on 20-Feb-2017 02:21:44 by Iron Mage

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