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A BIG happy 4th Birthday to OSRS! These 4 years has gone so quick and OSRS has come along way! I'm so happy with the way things are progressing.

The new Redwood Tree update looks amazing! Can't wait to finish 99 woodcutting there.


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Now that "shift-clicking" to drop certain items is in development, could "shift-clicking" to build (and remove) furnitures in POH also be considered in order to further improve the QOL for construction? Achieved 2277 total on August 5th 2014.

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Very nice improvements once again, love these quality of life updates.

Well done and lets party! :)

Question :
Can the empty option on potions be removed? This will avoid people from missclicking, especially if you're dropping stuff in raids.
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Warlord Sage said:
Is Dagannoth new lair like instance ?

No, it's a second room rather than an infinite number of instanced rooms.
Which means that items dropped in there are retrievable exactly like in the original DK room.

16-Feb-2017 11:25:17

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Firecapes in F2P drop coins and degrade on death(bug), please make them drop to the floor like they used to <3
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