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I like teleblock improvements makes, fishing Dark Crabs a lot more comfortable.

Although I don't participate in the Dead Man mode series, i'll be tuning into some streams and looking forward to seeing what is different this time. Should be interesting.


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Not much I can say about this, as PvP isn't my area. But thanks for fixing the issue with MLM.

EDIT: Best of luck with the tournament. Hope all bugs are fixed and the show runs smoothly.
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Thanks for fixing the Motherlode Mine vein issues and I really like that the teleport block shows how long it has remaining. I can't really comment on the PVP as I'm a skiller :p

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Bhaskar said:
Should tier 1 Bounty Hunter emblems be made tradeable on the Grand Exchange? It would also become possible to banknote emblems with this change.
When will it be added?

Oh, yeah, that's in today's update too. I'll get someone to update the newspost.

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