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Everything looks really good. I love that there's going to be some variation in the slayer areas. I just really hope people vote for it. Not so much a fan of the Skotizo slayer helm since recolors have gotten kind of boring. What drop rate were you guys thinking for the Skotizo item? Also, can we keep the Kalphite cave where it is, or put it equal distance away from the fairy ring to the east?
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I love that you're changing up Nieves, I really love that we won't just live at nieves and the catacombs now (hopefully).

I have no interest in the wildy tasks but I'm sure pkers will enjoy it so that's cool, I'm not a fan of the Enchanted Slayer's Staff however.

Skotizo slayer helm will be fantastic but I'm not too keen on the idea of a pet from something we don't get to kill very often.

Overall very happy with this blog especially the breaking up nieves cave part, looking forward to the poll :)


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There isnt much logic in removing/replacing slayer spots. Just add more rather then replacing. Let the lazy people stay at nieve and let the people who bother to move be rewarded with the new spots. Rather than forcing everyone to the same spot.
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I love how you guys are changing Nieves Dungeon if it passes so Slayers and other people would have to travel around the game more instead of 1 place.

Thanks for taking Trading Sticks more useful for the one off 5k for a new entrance into Brimhaven Dungeon.

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Most of this sounds good, but I don't like the Kalphite Hive move in particular; I feel like moving it will devalue the BIQ fairy ring location and the Lumbridge hard diary shortcut, both of which are currently valuable primarily due to their proximity to the Kalphite Hive.

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