The Inferno

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Hi Kieren
I commend you on your hard work on this but 2 things i tghink you need think about
1, If this is gonna take hours like we saw with your so called pro streamers (lol@pro) and they never reached the boss,
who is gonna waste there time doing this spending millions in supplies to fail and wasting hours doing it.
2. the cape is yes bis, but not by much to be worth wasting hours doing it
Just my thoughts ok.
So be careful its not so hard thats its surpasses challenging that it be dead content in 2weeks.


01-Jun-2017 11:20:19

Mod Kieren

Mod Kieren

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dragtom said:
The bank seems quite far away from the start of the minigame, at least compared to other combat minigames. I reckon people would like to try again quickly, can a bank(chest) be added closer to the entrance?

also, is the inferno part of the tzaar slayer task? If not, has it been considered?

We want to add it as a slayer task soon :). Just isn't as part of this launch. When we do add a task, it'll be locked behind beating the inferno at least once.
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01-Jun-2017 11:20:30

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Decent update, but you need to start releasing content WITH QUEST! A thought I had the other day was that Jagex use to make new areas for quest and unlockable through quest... look at the king fishers realm... it is this massive fairy tale area just for the holy grail quest... people love how the quest work and take yu all around runescape... please start adding quest to your new content, and before releasing new areas like Zeah/the inferno ... add a single quest to introduce it... no one wants to sit and talk to the people to find out the lore, quest are much more fun, agreed upon by everyone! There doesn't need to be ANY rewards, look at lumbridge and draynor and the quest found there... cooks assistant, restless ghost, sheep shearer, earnest the chicken, vampire slayer, imp catcher, lost city, HAM storyline... etc etc it goes on and on... just start adding some small quest to these areas... we would rather you spend the time making a small quest introduce an area and wait 2 weeks or so... Maxed Total PvM / PvPer

01-Jun-2017 11:23:19

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no plans on trying it, even tho I am almost maxed, even with them streamers /top players you had for ur promo/hype fpr it, not everyone has top end gear and top end supps, ive no plans to spend 2-3-4 hours(and not reach the boss) not to mention the $$$ for supplies for a "chance" at a not so great( best in slot yes, but +4 over firecape is hardly worth it imo) addition that really wont do much better than the now best in slot cape #overratedhype

01-Jun-2017 11:28:49

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OMG wtf is this log in screen
Can we toggle this back to normal log in screen
looks like the devil has took over RED no ty
Its worse than boaty at pvm lololol please change it back its awful


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Prices in the West Ardougne shop have been adjusted to reflect the Karamja shop.

sorry but this is a bad update because shops should have different prices city to city just like in real life

01-Jun-2017 11:39:11

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The cape looks so good can't wait to try myself!
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01-Jun-2017 11:40:58

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To some this is a great update for those who love combat but not so great for those who are not very good at Jad and those that are skillers.

You need a firecape just to even enter the city. Ive tried hard several times for Firecape but Im not great with prayer switching. Because Im not great with bosses Im locked out for content now.

That feels a little bit unfair.

Im sure others will disagree with me and will love the new high level content, im just disappointed.


Dr Crowe

01-Jun-2017 11:50:31

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