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Can't wait to got all my kudo's for at least try the new mining game. Still wondering why the Dragon hunter crossbow dont work on this ancien wyvern but on skeletal wyvern. Strength lies not in defence but in attack.

13-Oct-2017 01:41:53

the muad dib

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Moncoosh said:
Ring of wealth pick up numulite.
why bother, they have very little value for the amount you gain. I would like to have something you could buy with them but there is nothing.
frankly my dear, I couldn't give a dam. never had a river to build one on.
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19-Oct-2017 15:40:39



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There should be a fairy ring placed on Fossil Island for ease of travel. This fairy ring may only be unlocked once Bone Voyage has been completed, similar to other fairy rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29-Oct-2017 05:37:56

Fe ar of God
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Fe ar of God

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I have an idea for fossil island. Currently my only old school account is an iron man, and its painfully obvious that there is a gap for mid-level weaponry in every combat style, without having an extremely high slayer level. The Dragon Scimitar and the Abyssal whip are hands down the best training weapons and most widely used weapons and have been for well over ten's about time we got a new one handed weapon with a fast attack speed. Mages get no damage boosting gear without slayer (besides the new ahrims staff and the soon to come Mage cape V2). Ranged ironmen have trouble coming by an alternative to the rune crossbow or an alternative strong ammo to broad bolts.

So here comes my idea: you release 3 new demi-bosses, one on each corner of fossil island. Each has a unique drop that can be attached to a mid-level weapon to enhance it.

1. Near the Ancient mushroom (maybe even underwater) - Magic based boss that drops an item to make a bone wand or some mage weapon. Killed with range.

2. In the tar swamp (get rid of deranged archaeologists, it is already and only going to be dead-content, a pure mimic on another boss) - Ranged based monster that drops an item to attach to a bone or rune crossbow to make a Bone crossbow V2 (slightly worse stats that rune crossbow with the bone crossbow attack speed and upgraded bone bolts) killed with melee.

3. In the Verdant Valley or Volcano somewhere - A melee boss to be killed with mage (drops an item to attack to a Dragon Scimitar or something to make a one handed skull-flail or something) maybe a stab weapon. Ironmen also have trouble coming across a good dragon-tier crush or stab weapon. the addition of an attack speed crush item such as a one handed flail would be nice

Slayer dominates too much of the high level gear in the game, you can still make these bosses take a lot of content to reach such as full kudos, or each item that needs to be upgraded is hard to get.

16-Nov-2017 11:20:29

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