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Mod Sween

Mod Sween

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Desi said:
Wow where is the ability to charge the wyvern shield with numulite described? :(

I'll get that added now. There was a misunderstanding with our internal patch notes!
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14-Sep-2017 11:53:41

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Yah I find it very hard to even experience the game yet because I can't find anyone to play it with on my friend list. Would like to have found some people if there was a assigned world for the minigame.

14-Sep-2017 11:56:11

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Hey @Mod Sween,
There is still a 25% loss of experience unskulled on the perm. Deadman worlds. Is this therefore a bug? Or was that a typo in the news post?

14-Sep-2017 11:59:33

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