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Fabled Melon

Fabled Melon

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When we reach 200 players, we’ll be transporting them to a new, Deadman-only archipelago, where they’ll be divided randomly between four islands. On each island, players must fight to the death until just one player remains. The surviving four players will then be brought to the final island, to engage in two 1v1 fights, and a final 1v1 fight to decide the winner. Tournament only


This is fucking sick guys, great work! I hope this absolutely destroys the way clans dominate the tournament.

15-Sep-2017 18:24:11

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this post is regarding bird houses. can you increase the tiers of birdhouses? For example adding yew and magic birdhouses to increase the usefulness of birdhouses to higher level hunter players. Also, can you increase the amount of seeds per tier exponentially rather than linear so there can be a noticeable difference when changing tiers. this would be useful for a money sink. this way people in essence can pay to increase the skill faster rather than make money off of the skill.

15-Sep-2017 19:06:31

doc stiletto
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doc stiletto

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dear jagex could you please do somthing positive about the wyverns on fossil island.
they destroy youre food stack, when you get frozen from a distance, you are a sitting duck and getting destroyd only option is to eat youre way trough it, and when you manage a kill, you get frozen and shot again!
further the drops aint that good for the time we spend on getting to the island, and the slayer lvl. and the amout of fossils they drop is realy poor, but maybe thats my rng..

but on the bright side.. i realy like the mahogany spots on fossil island thats a realy nice thing to own so thumbs up for that. good xp and i like those logs =)

i dont det the hang off vulcanic mining yet, its kind off hard.. maybe a tutorial off how to play the game would be nice, like barbarian assault..

are you going to upgrade the birdhouses some more? i realy like this new kind off hunting
its a bit like farming berry's style kind of thing... but i think it could use a buff.. to get even more xp.

thx for all the good stuff and game on.

15-Sep-2017 23:43:30

Az0th Blint
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Mod Sween said:
Rixz said:
Hey @Mod Sween,
There is still a 25% loss of experience unskulled on the perm. Deadman worlds. Is this therefore a bug? Or was that a typo in the news post?

Update wasn't live yet, you silly billy.

also check the 'lost on death' interface. shows 'lose up to 25% of...' on unskulled death pvp

16-Sep-2017 00:44:11 - Last edited on 16-Sep-2017 00:45:01 by Az0th Blint

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18-Sep-2017 13:49:46

Warrior X-90

Warrior X-90

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"reasonable kills" is very vague, it hardly clarifies anything... 25k+ value kills?

Also, you forgot to clarify what happens when you drop chinchompas Kappa
A Windows shortcut has opened in the Hefin mountain.

19-Sep-2017 19:29:04

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