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Looking forward a lot to this lots of things to vote yes one!
I do think that you should make the str bonus on serp helm to 4 instead of 3 though, even with this buff nezzy will still be used at more pvm places than serp....
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04-Oct-2017 18:52:15

Trip Machine
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Trip Machine

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All of the updates look great! How much would the throwing hammers cost for ranging gargoyles?

Also you forgot an "I" in "If" under "The Depths of Despair" poll question.


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Exciting stuff! Since you are looking to buff the lower diary teleports, could this be done for the western banner as well? Currently, the western banner 3 only offers 1 free teleport to piscatoris. Maybe this could be buffed to 3?
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04-Oct-2017 19:04:34

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Wasn't the plan with a ranged rework in barbarian assault to allow the use of blowpipe and other weapons such as chins, not to make it a melee only meta, this update would do exactly that.

With the suggested "improvement" you would be removing crystal bow/knives/darts/chins which are all the only viable options for range within the minigame, it would kill variety even more than the blowpipe nerf did

with this update the only ranged weapon usable in barbarian assault will be a magic shortbow, which means solo attack strategies will be unviable for speed runs or races due to the loss of chinchompa's and with the arrows scaling on ranged attack it means void wont be that helpful in the minigame atall?

The suggested improvement will make the minigame much worse for everyone

it would be best if you could seperate this into two questions atleast, as others have mentioned, because the idea of new arrows is a nice one, its just a shame it will come at the price of losing a lot of different aspects to the minigame if it passes, and a lot of us would rather it stay as it is

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If the Barb Assault Poll fails will Chins and Knives continue to work or will you remove it in a bug fix?

"If this passes, all ranged weapons that do not use arrows as ammunition would be disabled within the minigame."

04-Oct-2017 19:16:20

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"If this passes, all ranged weapons that do not use arrows as ammunition would be disabled within the minigame."

Please do not add this point to the update. This would completely destroy any kind of usage of knives and chinchompas and the otherwise very underused crystal bow.

Speaking out as a member of the barbarian assault community, this is destroying gamestyles and not improving ranged method by cutting off other methods by forcing players to just rely on magic shortbow when attacking.

04-Oct-2017 19:22:36

Speak Now
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Speak Now

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Is there any way in which you could separate the two aspects of the barbarian assault poll question into two separate questions? One along the lines of should these arrows be put in the game and another about whether only weapons that directly use arrows will be usable at BA. Obviously I would prefer it if the second part of the question wasn't added to the poll at all. However if you feel like you must add it, the two parts should at least be separate questions.

At the moment, even though the idea for the arrows seems like a good one, I would vote no because other ranged weapons that don't use arrows are needed at higher level BA. An example I could give is chinchompas. Chinchompas are actually vital for rounds in which there are two healers and only one attack. Getting rid of them from BA would completely remove this way of playing the minigame. This is because it will be impossible for a solo attack to keep up with two healers. Duo heal rounds are actually some of the rounds with the highest skill cap and provide the most variety out of any form of BA.

Its a shame that by pairing the two parts of the question together, you're forcing people to vote in a way that they wouldn't have voted had the two parts of the question been separated.

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"using a Ranged attack style is less effective than Magic and Melee" ROFL do you realise how out of touch you guys look right now with Barbarian Assault? It's actually hilarious, the fact that you even include Magic is unbelievable. I'll give you a hint in case you don't get it, the usage of Magic in BA is viewed as nothing but mere trolling by the dedicated Barbarian Assault community. THIS IS YOUR FUCKING GOD DAMN GAME, HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND IT JAGEX?

Ranged was actually the superior combat style before you stuffed blowpipe and you want to fuck it up even further by removing the usage of crystal bow, darts & chinchompas? Did you even bother going into 'Casual Ba' / 'Leech Ba' / 'Ba Services' to ask for our opinion?

Just fucking leave BA alone, you're only gonna fuck it up even further - something Jagex has a habit of doing ever since RS was born. It's like this expression really goes in 1 ear, out the other:
"Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broken"!!!


04-Oct-2017 19:35:11

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