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06-Oct-2017 16:53:13

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How about instead of flamebaiting people you report in to forum help if your having a troll issue. Baiting isn't allowed still so we can deal with trolls. However flamebaiting in retaliation doesn't help anyone. ~Tranq~
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06-Oct-2017 19:14:59

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06-Oct-2017 20:11:11

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Hi MastrShafter

I appreciate you voicing your opinion, but if you happen to disagree with an action a Forum Moderator has taken, you ought to forward your concerns to the aforementioned Forum Moderator Review-thread accordingly rather than derailing the original thread. Again though, please familiarise yourself with the rules to properly understand what is allowed and what is not before proceeding. I moreover feel that it is exceedingly important to stress how two wrongs do not make a right (please report any posts you feel we might have missed on Forum Help!) as well as how people disagreeing with your personal opinion are not necessarily wrong, trolls, shills, or all three combined.

You have now been warned by three different Forum Moderators and a single Jagex Moderator. I implore you to take a step back and refer to the dedicated and official channels for any further concerns. Please avoid posting any further on this thread unless you do so constructively in a mature and respectful manner.

Thank you

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