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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

The Dev Blog has been updated to reflect a large portion of the feedback received. Please take a look at the revised version!

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Can you do something with the Bronze arrow spawn too please? Its from the original version of Classic even before P2P came out. MP1 ... ?
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25-Oct-2017 20:29:31

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"Should we add Mage Arena II to the game, as described in the Dev Blog? Players with 75+ Magic who have completed the Mage Arena and unlocked the ability to cast all God spells outside of the arena will have to track down and defeat 3 brand-new bosses, found in random locations within deep multi-combat Wilderness. Completing this would allow players to upgrade one God cape to a new Best in Slot magic cape which is lost on death or when dropped."

you guys need to split this question into two questions what if some people agree with adding mage arena 2 but disagree on losing the cape? would be a shame if players voted no because the question was not split and they only agree with half the question

25-Oct-2017 20:38:36

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Zuriels staff? i don't see a reason for that not to be included as content

also the 20 def/20 attack item's would be great content.
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25-Oct-2017 20:52:41

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