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hi guys holyskillet here, please please please vote yes for negative xp lamps, heres why, i am so close to maxing my skiller,few levels left to go, and i recently accidently got 2 str, these lamps max out at 500xp per account, its not going to ruin the game or harm anything, it benefits the people who work on these account builds and out so much effort into them, i understand that people arnt to flash on the rev caves and some of the updates but if we get a a strong vote for the negative xp lamps they might bring them into game through a different way,

thankyou so much guys and please help a brother out <3

p.s i have voted yes to the pvm/pvp updates even tho it doesnt effect me , but i respect the people that enjoy it, please take consideration to the people who enjoy the game differently but are a minority to the community thankyou i appreciate it and im sure many do aswell :)

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