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Mod Ash said:
Hardships said:
What I would like to see is a game mode... the date being based prior to the graphical updates that changed the look of say , a giant from a strange box like humanoid into what we see beneath Varrock today.

I understand we didn't have other versions of RS backed up from the old days, which is why we got mid-August 2007 as the only version available, rather than the 2006 era or 2010 era that might have been more popular.

From mid-2012 onwards we'd got pretty good version tracking, so you could get early drafts of the EoC again...

Not sure if everyone just missed this but I will speak for the community in saying no thank you.

11-Nov-2017 04:25:49

Mod Sween

Mod Sween

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BBQMasterDad said:
Just curious but when is the option to be able to trade in Burnt Pages for a Tome of Fire going to be implemented? IIRC it passed did it not?

It'll be in the coming weeks. :)

Hello Im Ali said:
When is Dragon Slayer ii coming out?

We're attempting to deliver the quest on 4th January!
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13-Nov-2017 10:00:30

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