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Some nice QoL updates this week. Happy to see the Ahrim's Staff a one-handed weapon!


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Hello Mod Ayiza,

Welcome to the Old School Team. 15 year or so player here. It has come to my concern that my clan '07 altar' a gilded altar service chat has been under attack by a multitude of racist spam bots saying bad things about muslims, saying the n word, and saying to enslave certain other races. We have kicked them for the past 3 days. I have also reported their accs many times (there have been over 200 unique accs made by this individual all f2p) My concern is can you make a clan chat toggle option to make the clan where only members can join, and no f2p allowed? This would screen out 100% of his accounts and i'm sure many other cc's would use this quality of life function.

I am still unaware why many racist names are allowed as usernames if they just replace the I in the N word with an L and also the 4 letter word that starts with a d and rhymes with rick is allowed in usernames. As someone who really cares about game integrity in a different sense, why is the N -word even allowed to be said in the game? while 3 k's is blacklisted? This is way outdated and either let us screen our clan chats from these racist spammer with my proposed toggle for only members and not f2p being able to join the clan chat, or ban the N word from the game, and all variants of it in the username options (replacing I with L).

I'm just really tired of racist spammer in the clan chat and would like to propose the member only toggle for clan chats as well as banning the n word and other racial slurs from the rs dialouge (if 3 k's are banned in game even with chat filter, so should racial slurs).

Thank you.

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Mod Ash

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cyber punkd said:
Still no Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe buff? :/

I've done the code for it, and also the Ardougne cape and some other stuff, but they've not got through testing yet. Shouldn't be far away though.

16-Nov-2017 10:23:56

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what exactly do you guys have against defence tank accounts? :/ enough to be inconsistent as to have npc's get venom'd and not players, but why?

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