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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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if this skill is less than 2-300k an hour me and my clan will 100% be voting no to it

oldschool doesn't need a new skill at all. only 5% of the community is maxed and adding a new skill is meaningless.

If you're going to add a new skill, make it quick, inexpensive, and easy to understand otherwise I and many others wont be voting yes to it.

Nobody is going to find crafting mystic armour to be worth their time. Since ancestral is in the game, any and all armour created from this skill will be dead content upon arrival and is a worthless skill to level except for people getting a max cape.

You will be delaying Lynx Titan's 200m all achievement by voting yes to this. There is almost LITERALLY no reason to vote yes to this skill. Go do raids and buy ancestral. There is NO REASON to craft mage armour.

06-Oct-2018 19:03:02

Im Lubu
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No no no. no warding please. Jagex tried new skills in the past. most complete crap. Summoning took a while to get used to but also was overpowered in situations as well as caused a huge disruptioon in ge prices

06-Oct-2018 19:05:47



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I'm all for Warding, I think it does fill a gap in the game and feels as if it should have been there the entire time.

1. It doesn't require me to essentially play a mini-game to level up (like dungeoneering did)
2. It has a lot of potential for new content going forward.
3. It ties in a lot of the other skills together.
4. Introduces new mechanics into the game and gives an alternative to just alching or selling loot.

The only thing I don't agree with is it being able to dissolve metal armors back into bars. I like the idea of being able to return metal armor into a bar state, however I believe that should be under Smithing and not under Warding.

tldr: Leave dissolving magical armors to warding and smithing metal armors back into bars to smithing.

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Why I would vote 'No' for 'Warding':

The magic armours, I feel, would be just as well at home in the crafting skill or perhaps through the use of a Lunar spell.
The monoliths seem to be mostly just to get rid of splashers in lumbridge.

The part I do like about the warding skill is the imbueing of items. That is a great way to get rid of NMZ.
However this too I feel would be better off being done elsewhere.

Due to the other locations that the creation of magic armour could have been in and the imbueing of items could have been in, I feel like it doesn't warrant an entire skill dedicated to it.

06-Oct-2018 19:08:12

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Warding to me is a bit disappointing, i understand that it makes sense, and i can see what it is trying to do which i respect.... But...

What this skill seem to add, is close to a replica of skills we already have access to. Smithing melee gear, or crafting ranged armor and now using warding to make magic gear. This makes sense, but it does not feel "new" or "intuitive". We've done so much new content with Raids, ToB and more to make this game get "new" life, and a "new" feeling. Revitalize the old game that we all love.

I'm extremely excited for a new skill in OSRS, but this skill does not live up to the hype.

06-Oct-2018 19:11:47

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You should of suggested a new skill called rancher where you can raise monsters and animals on a farming scale. These monsters and animals can range from low level creatures to growable bosses. You get xp after killing them or interacting with them. I got more ideas about it. They can vary from skillable to killable monsters or animals.

You can add new monsters like:
-Limp nodes which drop limp roots 100% of the time and require limp seeds to make.
-Centers, cause theres bree and some others, why not.
-Abyssal hounds which would drop a new abyssal item, could drop a helm.
-Woodchucks can woodcut them but they attack you and you get a random noted log from them, max they hit is a 1, they have 15 health 1 log chopped is 1 health.
-Fish rock wood lobsters these would have a chisel used on them to give the player random log of wc lvl and raw lob.
-Magpies thieve-able birds that you can get gems from up to diamond 5 times then gone.
-Put nail beasts in here to be easier to farm for sanfews.
-Imps in here for a better area to hunt them in.
-Special turoths that you can kill with any weapon.
-A monster that would drop anti fire potions early than having to make them (pain for ironman to kill dragons early without herblore).
-Fish whales in a whale spot for whale blubber.
-Raise pigs! for bacon! yes bacon! bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon this, bacon that! (Did I mention the cape skill emote will be you chasing a pig around with small wings. Then grabbing it while it flys up in the air with you then you land on the ground face first at end.)
There is many more ideas I have in my head!

You can have these breeding areas in different habitats like forest, desert,ice,wilderness,swamp,water (new fish spots and fish).

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The existing gap for crafting magic armor is indeed something that could use with filling in. However I don't think that the warding skill is the way to fill that in.

Creation of magic armor consists of crafting and imbuing it with it's magical proporties. This is simply a combination of the crafting skill and what is now the runecrafting skill, imbuing essence with it's respective power at the altar.

If you want to resolve these missing links, it's also important to relate them to magic (enchantment and charge spells), crafting battlestaffs,...

A new skill doesn't seem to be quite the right answer for this, but to my feeling it could tie in with crafting and runecrafting as it pretty much is the sum of this total.

06-Oct-2018 19:29:52



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Cape looks great.

LMAO at getting rid of splashers by turning it into a legit training method. Awesome.

Wasn't mentioned in the blog but it was in the video - soapstones/energy is stackable. That's an important piece of info that should be on the blog (I play mostly on an ult).

Are energy and soapstones, etc, tradable?

Only thing I'm not really in favor of is removing the imbuing things from NMZ. You're already removing a lot of the resource drops with the new farming content, which is absolutely great.

However, removing these NMZ rewards creates two issues.
1. wtf are you going to spend all those NMZ points on?
2. People that earned these imbued objects in the past will get an unfair advantage over people that wish to earn them post-warding skill. I imagine that imbuing will require a high level of warding, so this feels pretty unfair.

Let's keep NMZ imbuing as an option and add imbuing to new content, not shuffle around what we already have.

also please while you're messing with mage robes please for the love of god change the design of the hideous splitbark helm
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Yeah, the problem I see with Warding is it taking away the point of imbue spells. It'd be interesting to maybe see those assimilated into Warding, while still having a Magic req - creating more interplay between skills. Dissolving I like in principle because of the item sink, but I wouldn't want to see all items to fall under the Warding categoty. While this new skill therotically could be integrated into Crafting, I do kinda like it's basic appeal - though I did half-expect them to announce Tailoring when thry first mentioned it having something to do with magic armor.

06-Oct-2018 19:37:07

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