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This thread is for discussing the first Song of the Elves poll blog which can be found here.
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In all seriousness, this sounds to me like a redo of RS3's Plague's End quest. Although I don't play OSRS, I hope you guys make it a finale worth doing for the sake of lore. As for good ol' Priff, will you guys be using a district rotation system similar to the Voice of Seren?
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Zelda Krazy
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Zelda Krazy

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I'm almost always down for new quests, especially if they continue lore that has sat idle for years.

I'm pretty down with the 5 first questions. Although as a main I'm not sure how much of an impact the Teak/Mahogany trees closer to the sawmill impact things.

We already have 9 flippin' herb patches, and think we can forego making a 10th, especially so soon after the farming guild. Also don't think we need clay to go down further in price, although don't see too many people completing this quest to go mine soft clay, so either way it seems pointless unless it's meant for ironmen.

The Gauntlet just sounds like solo raids, but would like to know more. The amour's defense seems to stand at a reasonable level, between the Bandos and Torags. I think the main benefit would be the set bonus, but am not sure how many people skilled enough to complete both the grandmaster quest and farm the Gauntlet will find this of any use. Would have to dig deeper and see if 15% accuracy and 5% damage would ever make crystal bow worth a damn compared to BP.

As for Zalcano, I am not opposed to another skilling boss. However, it needs to be done carefully, it sounds like the XP rewards will be marginal. I'd propose sub 30K mining, 25K smithing, and 5K RC at 99s. Remember the community always gets better rates than you folks propose. If that case is true, where it's not a desirable method to train the skills, and the rewards are the main perk, than I'm ok with the rewards as they stand. The new items are very good, but if time investment is put into earning them, while earning small amount of experience than it would fit well. We don't need another AFK WT meta for any of those 3 skills.

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Gurp Gork
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Gurp Gork

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Nice blog. Really looking forward to the quest should it pass a poll. City looks really nice, and will be amazing to visit. Doesn't seem to have a GE like the RS3 version, which I personally think is a good thing. Rewards seem lackluster, though.

Gauntlet sounds amazing. Sort of reminds me of Dungeoneering which was a lot of fun back in the day. I see it says that it will not be scale-able, which is great. I think with things like Raids being scale-able nowadays, it takes away from the challenge and reward for leveling up your character a bit.

Zalcano seems interesting; I hope it scales properly depending on the amount of people doing it. I don't see a limit anywhere on the blog for amount of people able to do it at once. On a side note, I would really like to see a duo boss at some point, but don't think this would be the best spot to put that.

I wish crystal equipment had a higher than 50 agility requirement to wield (or make a higher requirement to make it).
For comparison, infusing the crystals from Cerberus requires 60 runecrafting.
The pre-req quests require a minimum of 56 agility, with an emphasis on higher agility being helpful. If my understanding is correct, you will need to complete the quest in order to make them anyway, so a 50 agility requirement to wield them seems low - despite being the laid out requirement in the skill guide. I wouldn't be against a similar requirement of 76 agility in order to make the crystal items themselves, which is the same as the smithing and crafting requirement. I feel like for the benefit they provide, it should require higher than average skill levels.

Edit: On top of the crystal items having low requirements, I don't really like how they would essentially take away from the already existing upgrades provided from Cerberus' smouldering stone and dragon items.
Not really keen on increasing the amount of xp/h you can gain in certain skills.

Edit 2: We don't need another herb patch.

Looking forward to updates.

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Sir Doland
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Sir Doland

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Most questions sound really good. Hyped for the Gauntlet and other things will probably be great as well!

Just one thing though. Don't poll another herb patch please. Even though it'd possibly be the most hard-earnt one in the entire game, I would say it's unnecessary. Herb run profitability needs to be maintained.

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Please make the minigame not solo only. Some of us actually want top have fun with friends. So much of the new content added has solo only, is pretty sad.

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I'd like to see a ranged variant of the crystal armour. The current proposal only really benefits the crystal halberd and it would be nice to be able to bring the crystal bow back into use.
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28-Jan-2019 19:26:43

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