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cyber punkd
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cyber punkd

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Please, for the love of Saradomin:

The dragon item used for crystal pickaxe/axe/mpft (see below) should not be recovered - perhaps, to compensate, require 0 crystral shards to make.

Increase crystal armour set bonus to 15% accuracy and damage when using crystal weaponry.

Replace the crystal harpoon with a multi-purpose (crystal) fishing tool that acts as a fishing rod or a small fishing net etc. depending on where you use it & still require a dragon harpoon to create. (require bait/feathers/etc.)

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Master zofas
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Master zofas

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Please for the love of god don't add more OP ranged options. The game doesn't need more OP ranged options. Please please please make future updates focus on melee/mage buffs as they are seriously lacking.

Soft clay rocks

Pointless. The requirements for a grandmaster quest mean that anyone able to complete the quest should have little to no use for large amounts of soft clay and if they do then they should stick on the ol' brace o clay and go to town.

Herb patch #10

Not required. With the recent addition of the farming guild I believe farming is in a good place as it currently stands. I feel an additional herb patch would damage the already volatile herb market.

Skilling boss

A great idea for the exp and item rewards would be to have them scale dependant on the type of damage dealt. For example if 75% of the damage dealt was through mining then 75% of the exp and items awarded should be in mining. Exp rewards should not scale with lvl, rather scale with speed/efficiency during the boss (S)Kill. Reward potential should scale with lvl. Lvl99 would have 100% reward potential and a lvl 50 would have a 50% reward potential. This doesn't mean you gain half the rewards though as these would be dependant on activity during the event.

I'm OK with the new crystal skilling items but I don't see them being heavily used based on the difficulty to acquire the necessary components. Maybe they could be buffed for certain ores/logs/fish to increase their usefulness. Also consider a hard/elite diary reward that would allow smouldering stones to be added to crystal equipment and I think they may be worth the grind. In its current suggested state I think the new crystal equipment is future (and not too distant) dead content.


Yeah sure, who cares? If people can make GP from running planks then let them. I'm not going to do it.

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Master zofas
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Master zofas

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God of Fate said:
Increase max runecrafting xp or add a truly afk rc method for below lvl 77 rc or its a no vote from me on this and all future major expansions and all of their sub polls, as well as all skilling updates to skills that don't need them.

jagex needs to quit catering to nolifers and make the game more friendly to people with lives outside the internet.

Just go and play RS3. Your toxic response that has no relevance to the original post is not welcome here. You're literally asking Jagex to stop catering to their players whilst asking them to cater to your needs. Internet logic at its finest.

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I had couple of daydreams in past about this crystalline city, it was all almost-see-thruable-crystalline, unlike the stiff runite alike in future's scape! Alas, i hope my age won't log me out before this place grows from it's dusty seed! Better yet, does this indicate another dream of mine that concerns the docks of far-east of Morytania? uhuhuh

07-Feb-2019 09:53:44

Blunt Force
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Blunt Force

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I dislike the wood. If the crystal bow & shield were made today I’m sure you’d shoehorn wood into that too. Big No from me on the wood. I want a CRYSTAL city, not the mostly wooden city
with crystal windows. I was excited to see the map of the city, but was sorely let down when I saw the “upgrade” of the front gate. It has looked perfect the way it is for the last 10+ years. That is how I expected it to look on its release in RS2 & OSRS.. Please, for the love of Christmas, keep the front gate as close to the way it currently is as possible! The Founding premise of OSRS would be defeated if it was changed.

27-Feb-2019 15:35:54

Try Dying
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Try Dying

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Regarding the proposed crystal sword, assuming that it would be a 70 tier weapon with speed equal to that of a whip, why not make it a crush weapon? We have plenty of slash and stab weapons and do not need more, but have no 1h crush weapons with fast attack speeds.

28-Feb-2019 22:40:46

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