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For Buckets of Sand:

Miscellania - This does not make sense in my opinion. They have no sand on the island. It also makes it too convenient for ironmen.

Sand Storm spell - I am happy for this to be implemented for higher levelled players. It should be like the Humidify spell or the Flax to Bowstring spell. If it is like the Humidify spell, make the rune cost higher.

Sandstone - This is a good idea for lower levelled players. 2kg per bucket of sand, so 10kg sandstone is equivalent to 5 buckets of sand. If this is implemented, it should either include:
• A NPC that notes your sandstone, or
• The Desert Quary as a new Magic Carpet destination. That way, you can travel to Sophanem to bank, and then back to the Desert Quary.

I prefer having one or both of the two options: Sand Storm spell and Sandstone.
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