6th Birthday and QoL

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Iron Kinny
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Iron Kinny

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Shame the style update includes melee. I would appreciate this update if it was only ranged and magic weapons, but melee as well... Why on earth would I change to accurate, switch weapons and suddenly want to be on aggressive? Or vice versa, or even defensive? It seriously makes NO sense for melee, and is the most annoying QoL update I have encountered

I didn't even talk against the update waaaaayyyy back, that changed the styles so that it would try to match it with the new weapon - at the time I could see the massive convenience it would provide (for example to be on defensive, and then automatically be on defensive with the next weapon). That was a great update. This update literally destroys that update. I certainly do not see any convenience this update provides for melee

This update is annoying 99+% of the time. I am NOT exaggerating. I am using one single magic and/or ranged weapon, and/or 2+ melee weapons that would use the SAME STYLES mid-battle. This update is completely useless and annoying, and only forces me to check to keep styles the way I would want them. I wish I could just choose the pking option (I have read that it's unchanged for pvp areas) for all of time. I'M NOT EVEN A PKER; I NEVER PK. I AM 100% PVM

PLEASE change this absurd QoL combat style changing thing back... or at least change the melee part to be the same as before

EDIT: I was reminded this is helpful to corp, and I see that... Until I realise that the 1 extra click between weapon changes is expected, infrequent and easily accommodated
My related question: are there any non-corp situations where this update would actually help melee-wise? I suppose maybe raids... with the extra 1 click in 5000 or something that's needed to use the dwh spec perfectly lol

Actually this reply has given me an idea: automate the dwh style and nothing else. When you equip dwh, it switches style and uses spec... then changes to previous style when switching back. Simple as that

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K B Def
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K B Def

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Mod Gambit said:
This thread is for discussing the latest game update post which can be found here.

I'm having trouble with the cake cb switch. I've made an account that I have very specific things that I have planned for it, very long and slow plan. Messed up by switching to the cake. I'm a def skiller. I want 99s except for in damage increasing skills..att-str-mage-range-pray are a no-no. I've got 5str on my own on purpose. I need a roll back to 1att.. just a few xp... That messes it up.

04-Mar-2019 18:08:47

Good Lord

Good Lord

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So there was a bugged attached to this update that switched combat styles. I was a victim of such and replied to the thread regarding that bug and xp I didn't want to get. I've waited a nearly a week to see any news on a roll back on that xp on my account. Nothing has happened. No messages, no replies on that thread. Is this the fabled customer support that Jagex offers now? I haven't logged on my account since the bug messed up my xp.

I do appreciate Jagex for making RuneScape, but if this is the customer service you guys at Jagex offer, then you guys can count me out on playing a game where the moderators and staff can't even give proper service when they directly offer the assistance they refuse to give. I have half a mind to look into the legality of this false service and see where I can take this. Surely the staff of Jagex could at least give the assistance that they offered about fixing accounts affected by the bug they acknowledged.

07-Mar-2019 09:41:55

Kaa Pow
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Kaa Pow

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Hi, I know this was a while ago now but I don't believe the attack options bug was fixed

I missed all of this going on and played on my obby mauler (first time in about a month) only two days ago when I experienced what everyone was describing and is now apparently fixed

I was using a slayer staff on the 'pound option' and gained unwanted attack xp, tried to change it and got another level even after that

Could somebody please look into this?

19-Mar-2019 11:59:50

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