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I'm okay with all of these rewards except the blessed d'hide shields.
The normal black dragonhide shield requires 92 Fletching and 83 Crafting to make
( not counting 90 wc for redwood logs and 89 smithing for nails ), and just making these shields which are even better accessible by completing a few hard clue scrolls is kinda dumb.

11-Mar-2019 08:16:59

Mod Acorn

Mod Acorn

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Gulma1 said:
It's funny look at the results. Plenty on Reddit are getting mad about stackable clues making the game easy yet they're all fine with using 3rd party clients.

These third party clients make the game significantly more easy but since people are used to it, those who use it wouldn't vote against it.

I really feel these clients are the reason this game has become BIS/DPS/PVM/efficiency scape

On another note, Jagex could you please make a post on these threads so we know if you're reading them because it seems like mods prefer posting on "humor" reddit threads.

I'm reading them ^.^
Community Manager for Old School RuneScape

11-Mar-2019 12:46:02



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I think being able to have 5 clues of each tier at a time is a bit too much, maybe make it so that a player can have one clue scroll, one clue bottle and one clue nest of the same tier at the same time with it not being possible to open the nest/bottle before the regular scroll is done.

This way players can still do multiple clues in a row but not 5 at the same time.

12-Mar-2019 16:06:41

i pk mains4
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i pk mains4

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First of all, 2 + str for pures thank you very much i will be using these items every day :) anyone who moans its too OP needs level requirments take a back seat please.

Dragon boots also have defensive rewards for having 60 defence. So thats anyones point down the drain and out the window.

However characters feet will look ugly, maybe turn these spiked manacles into some sort of spikey boots so your characters feet are covered.

14-Mar-2019 05:45:32

Oct Member 2019


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I dont understand why some of these 3rd age items so expensive...forget the is useless peaces only cosmetic...i dont see why they wont bring back rare discontinued items it will be soo sick to do will give plrayers a bigger goal and a reason to grind harder and jagex will eventually make more mney for havinng players thrive for rare items i dont seeeee why they will take it away for that same reason when the reason they stressing is because they see less money coming in and they trying desperately to make plyrs spend mote money thats why they did the meetin with randomg players around thencountry to explore ideas...this paragraph is as a confusing as they are, they want to make us spend more money but the sam time they taking away things that made the game originally more nteresting back then in th good old days.....i am a prime example of those players that tried their best to obtain a discontinued item. They should bringsomething tha will be iscontinuued it will mak tia game 0x more interesting. Giving people idea they can make real life money of a game is how you will end up making money jagex...think about need balance to get what you want players to break rules so their can be more activity in this world....if things go smooth it will become boring as you can seee. The idiot that removed the original 07 did the worst thing is rs history then the grand exhange caused prices s on items to be manipulated....i hate the grand exchange i be honest with you i dont give a dam how easy it made items to be obtain the point of this game is challange. I could keep going all day with more and more but listen key word “balance”

16-Apr-2019 12:27:34

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