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This thread is to discuss the latest poll blog regarding the Hosidius House Rework which can be found here.
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I really like the changes of the house of Hosidius.
However the Tithe Farm still looks a bit blocky and don't really like a block shape.
Would love to see it a bit more like crystal shape.

I think this update will make Hosidius feel like a nice area.
Currently it's a bit too blocky / basic for me.

But can we have animals walking around ?
Would also be a nice addition.
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12-Mar-2019 18:48:25

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Looks great! :)

On a side note, there are a couple of typos in the second sentence of this paragraph found under the title Forthos Ruin & Saltpetre:

Due to the moving of the bank, you'd imagine this may make collecting saltpetre a hassle, but worry not! The saltpeter deposits have been moved closer together and a deposite box has been added in the centre of them. The clerk who accepts saltpetre donations has also been moved here.

typos: saltpeter, deposite
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"Following this, the priest Charlie Brown decided to move away from the area. "

Good grief! Who will tell us of Arengeesus now? :(

The rework overall looks promising but I can't help but dislike how much dingier the place looks with that darker stone and roof texturing. It's sandwiched between dingy port and harsh military camp and I always liked how it felt more vibrant than its neighbors, full of life and color.

One thing that struck me is how far the Mess is from everything else now. Some interesting flavor would be a few workers hauling supplies over there from the nearby farms/marketplace.

One thing I've noticed a lot of people pointing out is how The Forlorn Homestead is right along the border of Country Jig soundtrack-wise, making country jig very unliked as you're sitting there chill and suddenly a bombastic song plays. Maybe rearrange where songs play or just rework Country Jig to fit the altered setting and blend more smoothly.
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Sir Doland
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Mod West is doing God's work.

A few suggestions:

- remove poll question 2 from the poll, since no info on the dungeon is included in this post (I assume this to be an oversight in the post, but for clearness sake)

- remove Country Jig, make it tithe farm only. Many seem to find it annying. Having a look at Kourend music in general wouldn't be a bad idea (many of them are good though). I feel Kebos did really set the standard for Zeah music, and with such a nice update as this to Hosidius, it'd be good to have music of similar standard aswell

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The tithe farm isn't instanced in the traditional sense. I've been on worlds were theres 4 of us doing the mini game at the same time. I could easily mess them up if I wanted by planting a seed in a part of the patch before they get them all in. Thus messing them up. If you put this down to only two people, we're gonna have some issues unless you make it a real instanced room and no one can be where you are.

13-Mar-2019 01:33:10

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I can agree with the above posts make more animals around, make Country Jig play only in tithe farm and replace the music with something else even if you have to borrow a music track from somewhere in the game WARDING. Where do magic robes come from?!

13-Mar-2019 13:03:44

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Poll Question #7
Should players have a right-click option to remove the Smouldering stone from their Infernal axes, harpoons and pickaxes? This would return the equivalent Dragon tool but destroy the Smoldering stone in the process.

I think it would make more sense to allow Infernal tools to become Infernal Crystal tools, otherwise the Smoldering Stone will become worthless as well as useless, aside from pures.

Dragon Axe + Seed = Crystal Axe
Infernal Axe + Seed = Infernal Crystal Axe

As well as being able to add the Smoldering stone to Crystal tools.

AFK or not, it won't ever be more worth it to use an Infernal Dragon tool as it's going to be less exp/hour and overall less efficient and "more AFK" is literally all it adds to it, so it's not like it'll be that overpowered. I mean it's not like adding a Twisted bow to the game. :P

13-Mar-2019 14:34:19



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I can do over 20 crops at once with the current tithe farm setup.

Under the proposed tithe farm change, I doubt that would be possible. And if I were to attempt such, I'd pretty much be locking out another player from doing tithe farm on that world.

If you increased each crop row from only 4 patch slots to 5 patch slots, you'd pretty much give everyone what they need.
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