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Website link seems to be spelled incorrect

Currently is posted as
Maxed - 21/02/2016

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Thanks for the update!

Especially on the Unwanted XP Bug as I've come across multiple players asking for the status in regards to that. I'm sure the free 21 days of membership will be appreciated. :)
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Can we get a fix for mobile iOS users? I constantly have to re sign in and type in all of my info for every login. The game used to remember the login info.

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Hi Jagex, thank you for acknowledging the issues about the Polls, Authenticator and Account Security. The community really appreciates how you've broken silence and finally addressed it directly. Hope that made the crabs calm down at least a bit.

That said, as someone who almost exclusively plays on Mobile, will you ever push an update for right clicks on Mobile? The delay is too long considering the game needs you to right click all the time. Turning on the setting: one-click gameplay helps a little bit, but actually makes other things worse. For example, you need to do two taps to eat food instead of one, when the setting is off. It may not sound like a problem but imagine playing on PC and having to right click eat food all the time.

There are threads about this very issue on the other site (rhymes with Leddit) dating back as far as 5 months ago IIRC. And it looks like this issue was also brought up several times during the closed beta.

Yet no word has been said about it. Despite being consistently voted as one of the top comments for the QOL threads and also the Q&A threads.

You've already made the jump addressing the controversial issues (spectacular decision btw.) Why not this one too?

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You guys have been turning incorrect people into pures and berserker accounts.. One person who already got 46 def and had the benefits of doing so (other quest and diary rewards) has been reverted to 45 defense when they've been 46 for a year, and didn't even have any of the bug effect them, they just wanted their 45 def back. That player's name was SafarL ..., another guy wanted his defense reset.. and you made him 1 attack from 99 instead. So he now has a 99 attack skillcape and still is being screwed by this.
(But while still retaining all of the benefits quested of attack exp, diaries, etc so the guy has an advantage over low level attack accounts if he wished to abuse this.)

It just feels unfair that some accounts are now going to have benefits from training their accounts then being reverted, when they shouldn't be, due to "luck". Is there anything you're going to do to address this or make sure to people like me who actually do care a lot about the time they've put into their account see that something is done to the people we KNOW abused this such as SafarL... because it actually bothers me they are just a select few players who have access to more things than they should because they messed their account up months ago and took advantage of your system as stated, or got unlucky like the 99 attack guy.

Also you gave people like this free membership when they shouldn't have gotten it.. so there's that too

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