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Dev blog: The New Continent
A while back, whilst talking about our ideas for rest of the year, we mentioned the possibility of introducing the first ever major expansion to Old School by increasing the land mass of the RuneScape world by 50%. This will result in an entirely new continent on the world of Gielinor filled with a new variety of towns, cities, quests, challenges, PvM raids and environments. The new Continent, what is it?

What has RuneScape offered us so far?
For 13 years now, the world of RuneScape has been explored more times than anyone can count. From the darkness of the Sanguinesti region to the mysterious and still yet to be released Prifddinas in Tirannwn. In retrospect, we've seen the current map offer RuneScape players a variety of adventures. You've once again safeguarded the Temple of Light against the advances of the Dark Lord's elves, you’ve established clans to dominate and explore. You've witnessed PvP evolve in the Wilderness & PvP worlds while meticulously expanding and discovering new skills to master the most efficient combat styles. RuneScape was all about exploration and we think it's time you had a new path; a path that will lay the foundations for many more years of exploration and discovery.

What can we expect?
With the new continent, we can expand our creative design beyond imagination. With a fresh platform for new ideas, we can innovate, create and discover new paths to truly deliver fresh and exciting content that we’d struggle to manage without this new space. Without a new platform, we run the risk overcrowding and jeopardising the existing traditional content structure you’re used to and familiar with.

Here are some ideas we’ve had for the new continent.

Port Roberts
This is Port Roberts, a large floating platform town which offers vital trade and a trade route between the sea and mainland. Despite a large dependency from the mainland, Port Roberts is considered a slum due to its lawless ties with piracy and illegal smuggling. Acting as a hub for passing pirates who frequent the docks with illegal trade, the Port’s ties with piracy attracts a lot of attention from charters, merchants, and the Gnome navy armada. The Gnome’s pre-established fleet and tradition of seafaring has lead them to track down and, as best they can, reduce and eliminate the illicit trade that plagues the sea towns of the mainland.

The port will offer the player new fishing spots off the platform, new protagonists who play a significant role in the day to day work of the port and valuable transportation between various main land ports, including those to the existing RuneScape map. As a twist, the inhabitants of the port will respond to you based on your allegiance, resourceful and helpfulness towards them. If you’re sworn to them and resist the advances of the gnome navy, they’ll be more generous with their shop prices, the amount of fishing they’ll allow you to do and illegal trade items you can buy. If you’re not a favourable visitor to the town, you might encounter some hostility.

Civitas illa fortis
An additional sneak peak welcomes you to Civitas illa fortis. A Roman themed empire of discipline, combat, honour and dominion. This huge town boasts one of the largest combat training and endurance tests in all of Gielinor, the great Colosseum. As an expansion to the previously popular duel tournaments, the Colosseum will offer the ultimate duelling tournament and experience.

Building upon what the duel arena has already achieved, the Colosseum will match the duel arena in size and scale, only its combat ground will be the same size as all 6 duel arena arenas combined. With spectator seating circling the arena, viewers can watch the ultimate showdown between combatants fighting for the crowds support, and the reward of all entrants’ fees.

Located in the north western hemisphere of the new continent, Civitas illa fortis offers numerous coastal and mainland services such as sea-fishing trawlers, charters and direct access routes across the land-space to various other towns and cities in the area.

Some of which will include a new ‘race’ of beings, an underwater city, towns plagued with turmoil and placed on the brink of extinction through volcanic uncertainty, and new lairs of beasts who terrorise and lay waste to towns who question their rule.

The possibilities for what is available and what we can do with such an expansion are almost limitless. Our only boundary is your imagination, and with such as vibrant, committed and creative community, that’s a boundary we’re unlikely to come up against. The purpose of this expansion is to build a platform to reintroduce the mystery of the unknown, reinvigorate the pursuit of exploration and to provide the game with something new. Old School is shaped by its community, and its community will shape this expansion.

How will this work? Simple; frame the way you want to change the world, make it about your experience. Send us your ideas for what content you think should feature on the new continent.

Finally, and most importantly, we need a name for this new continent. If you have ideas, feedback and suggestions, please do send them to us through the usual channels. Forums, twitter and our community mailbox,

Mods Alfred, Ash, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan & Weath
The Old School Team


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Loving the Colosseum idea, maybe this is something the MLG ladder could be introduced with? I know you're big on this idea and I think having a competitive community for RS is a good thing.

Another thing, can we join the Gnome navy armada and sail with them and hunt down pirates? This could be a new minigame and could fill that gaping hole in the community hearts for the sailing skill. ;)

Smaug... soon.

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I love this plan, i am a huge fan of "Oldschool styled things" and i god damn love when you guys are making the "fun" in the game by hugging tree's or having "Jar of dirt" i just love the style, that is why runescape was a game for me.

Anyways in case you will introduce it, i would highly recommend you making it follow with a quest... :)

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This looks fantastic. :)

I wonder if there could be some eastern theme added to it. Perhaps even a wide variety of new trees and herbs or even new hunter content.

Perhaps there could be some kind of new prayer book too for players with higher level prayer. Hope that this could be added without being too overpowered.

I would love if something of the above could be added to it, if it's possible.

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Looks good.

Original message details are unavailable.
Looks neat!

Can you save a spot for Corp if it should pass a poll? I wasn't a fan of Corp being stuck in a dark cave. This could enforce a quest requirement to be able to kill it, just like old times.

Would love to see this too!

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Okay,read it some things that i'd suggest aswell ;

Original message details are unavailable.
Looks neat!

Can you save a spot for Corp if it should pass a poll? I wasn't a fan of Corp being stuck in a dark cave. This could enforce a quest requirement to be able to kill it, just like old times.

This for example,is brilliant.
A Quest to introduce new content never has been wrong, so i'd suggest sticking to this idea wouldn't be bad.

Oblivion - OSRS's #1 PvM & Elite Clan!

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Looks neat!

Can you save a spot for Corp if it should pass a poll? I wasn't a fan of Corp being stuck in a dark cave. This could enforce a quest requirement to be able to kill it, just like old times.

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WOOT finally a new continent :DI've been waiting since 2004 for this haha

Some ideas for the new continent:

New cities/places:
-Atlantis style city, underwater (I actually thought of this before Mod Reach talk about his idea of an underwater city :p)
inhabitants: Mermaids and atlanteans, and maybe some humans who almost got drown and where saved and are living in a few huge pockets of air?

-Dinotopia like city
Inhabitants: NEW RACE - Lizardmen :p
This dinotopia like city could be situated somewhere inside an huge crater. The rest of the crater could be filled with a dense jungle and lots of new npcs to kill and explore.
Also inside this Crater jungle could be find a dinosaur (T-rex?) boss.
There could also be some flying dinosaurs (similar to pterodactyls) as well as other dinosaurs. Same mechanics as aviansies, they can only be attack with range/mage.

-The Greeklike city could have inhabitants similar to spartans (like the ones from 300 movie)

-New asian city (from which the bolt rack seller comes from, the one in Port Phasmatys).

-Flying mountains (similar to the ones on pandora from avatar or something). Awesome place to do pvming and questing etc.

New dragons and minigames:

-New mountain (similar to the one on The Hobbit movie) where you can find Adamant dragon (which drops the drag kiteshield)
and where you can also find the mighty RUNITE dragon ! (which drops the d pl8 body).

-Also the new continent should have a new place for pking, like the wilderness.
This place, besides new npcs and places to fight other players would have a new interesting minigame:
The castle siege minigame!
A place where clans could have dangerous castle sieges and actually get something from it:
In normal worlds this place would be for normal pking but in one (or more?) specific world this place would be used for castle sieges! (more on page 32) =]

also the new continent must have content for everyone, skillers, pkers, pvmers, low, mid, hig lvls
Hope this land bring us mounts

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