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I went to the BH world and I couldnt find a single person past level 4 wilderness. What happened to roaming around in the dangerous wildy pking? BH seems to have pulled almost every pker to a small bubble in edgeville. Personally I find this to be a tragedy :l. Here we have this humongous wilderness, yet almost all pkers seem to be glued to one tiny spot. The normal pking world seems like it would be the place to go for non-edge pking, but the wilderness was barren- no one was there.

28-Nov-2014 03:49:46

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@Metrik I knew it! you truly are ********, you're crying about a "ruined wilderness" while you're the one ruining it. Hypocritial kid. There are so many more words I'd like to type atm, you deserve all of them, but sadly none of them are allowed here :c Well, thank you so much for ruining this game that once was fun to play (before you and the other 12 y/o kids came to ruin it).

12-Dec-2014 14:56:14



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Is there a minimum level to go up in tiers? I bought 2 of the emblems to try this stuff out, and I've got 2 rogue kills and 3 target kills, but my emblem won't go up. I'm only level 8, so I assumed that's what it was. It's a shame because I actually like pking at this level.

IINB4 I get kills off lvl 3's. Make an account and try, they all run and log as soon as you attack them. My few kills that I managed to get were legit fights. It's pretty much everyone using range/melee with a fire strike for the ko.

If this is fact, I understand the reason being that I shouldn't be able to easily get the rune armor and other items, but maybe make smaller emblems that offer less reward. And put lower-value items into the shop. I wouldn't mind being able to purchase runes and arrows with my bh points.

31-Dec-2014 23:12:40

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