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Yukki Hamaya
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Yukki Hamaya

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Hi I'm not sure if I will even get a reply to this but its worth a shot, say I paid for the P.C.G about a week ago and haven't received my artefact. I went onto the support page and followed what it said by looking int my bank and Django or whomever he is called and it's not there. I have received everything else on the list of 'Promised Benefits' such as 2 Premier Tokens, Valkyr Outfit/Weapon overhaul and my daily aura refresh but nothing else. This is very frustrating as I paid a good sum of money to have access to such things.

I would like a reply asap thanks.

Yukki Hamaya <3

09-Jan-2019 15:52:11

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The artifact is the aura. Speak to diango in draynor(do not search).
The portal at GE you just go into once a month.
The outfit is on the customisation page.
You should have gotten the premier tokens and you just click to choose
what you would like. (I have everything so if you want to see something
specifically in game to see how it really looks pm me.)

Not sure if i missed anything if i did post back.
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