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Tio Breaco

Tio Breaco

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Somehow someone's changing my acc email. I have ever used the same email wich is the login one.. idk how a hacker changed my email twice, there was lots of changing password requests on the email box, but he got to change the email, so when i sent the changing pass request it never came, went to another email.. i was able to get the acc back both times with my accounts information, but the dude hacked me twice and got my bank cuz i didnt login for like 5days. why is jagex changing my email?? i want it to be blocked on the original email 4ever, i have authenticator, 2steps on my email, bank pin, good anti virus but it wasnt enought.. WTF.. if this keeps going on ill have to quit the game cuz he got my bank twice, im tired of rebuilding.

p.s: mb for bad english

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Hi there
Tio Breaco

Your hijacker is able to do this because he has access to your email.

You need to change the password to your email right away!
Then work to secure your email: Keeping your email secure

You state you have 2-step verification, Authenticator and a Bank PIN.
Did you set all these up after the hijacks or were they in place already and the hijacker went straight through them?
If the hijacker is able to get through Authenticator and the Bank PIN, it means your computer is not secure (has a trojan) and you should work to secure your computer.
Securing your computerSecurity Software
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