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So I recently started playing mobile runescape after not playing for a couple years and my account was hacked a couple weeks ago, I recorders my account but the hacker put an authenticator on it and no matter what I do it won’t go off, I had it send the link to my email multiple times but o never receive them. I even changed my email password in case they had access to it. I told jagged when I initially filed a ticket but they never fixed it. Any ideas?

22-Jan-2019 23:20:44

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If you are not receiving any emails from Jagex, it's likely that the hijacker has set their email on your account. To change the email to yours, and remove the authenticator they set up, you need to fully recover your account. To do this, click here, click 'Reset Password' and then click 'No' when asked if you recognise/know the email linked to your account

Once you've put in your recovery ticket, you should hear back within 24 hours :)

22-Jan-2019 23:39:55

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Hi there

Check your email settings to make sure Jagex is not on the blocked sender list.
Work through the Not receiving emails support page.
Players have been reporting that the email ends up in the junk/spam folder.

The only way to force Authenticator off your account is to do a 'recovery' on your account.
Seeing you were hijacked, doing a recovery would be a good idea as it alerts Jagex to the hijack and they will investigate and track the hijacker.

If you want to do a recovery, go to the Hijacked account support page and follow the instructions.
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