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Woody Chain
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Woody Chain

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I am sorry, but I am trying hard to update my debit card details on my account, but the way to this is horrendous. I log into my account as instructed and click on the link to update my card, and it takes me to two options.
Manage by account which I tried but that didn't have any subsequent way to update my card, so I tried the only other option to manage by card.
I entered the new card details to link it to my account and the only response is that there is no such card linked to my account, yes I know that that is why I am trying to do add this new card???
Can someone please provide me with step by step guide to how to update my card as I had to renew the card recently, but so far I seem to be going around in circles and getting no where:(

10-Feb-2019 23:04:49

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Hi there
Woody Chain

You can only 'update' your card details if the numbers are exactly the same and you are just updating with a new expiry date.

If instead you want to enter a new card (new numbers), that is not an 'update'.

If your card has new numbers, you actually need to buy a new subscription to enter the new card into the system.
The new subscription will auto-cancel the previous subscription.
Also, you won't lose any days already paid for - the new subscription will just push your next renewal date further into the future.

Information article: Updating / replacing bank card details
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