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Well if you got a message saying no treats found after you did full scans with anti virus + malware finder program, then do that not mean your computer are safe and clean , but rather that their is something , but those programs can't find it.

In this case , do you really need to look into every app/program you have pulled down lately , there has been a lot of cases where players used OSBuddy/Runelite client to play the game with , those should you really consider as 3rd party clients , since Jagex do not have any control of those , so you are giving all your details for your RS account away to other people then Jagex.

If you are unsure about what it could be , then can i only suggest you to rebot your computer back to factory settings and start from a clean slate.

Another thing , don't use so many different anti virus programs at the same time , it is well known that if you use so many , can the work against each other so your system will be unprotected.
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11-Feb-2019 10:14:35

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Im sorry to say but seriously just taking off authenticator does not give
someone your password, and bank pin. Bank pins are such a secure piece
of information that Jmods cant see what they are.

You either accidently were phished or you gave someone the information
somehow or access to your computer.

This is in no way Jagex's fault.
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11-Feb-2019 11:10:31

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