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So, I got offered a grad job I was after, and my friend had made a bet with me saying if I got it, I'd have to change my rs name (and all other online personas) into something dumb.

Well, I changed it. One week later (today) I got told to reset my name. I tried to reset it to the original "Seaborgium", but found it had been taken due to the force name change.

Any chance I could have the name back? It's kinda been "stolen". I wouldn't mind hugely either way, however as a long term player and subscriber, it'd be nice. The name isn't even on an account which registers on the highscores, or on runeclan!

Cheers! :)
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06-Mar-2019 21:41:49

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Hi there

Unfortunately if the name was released into the name pool (due to the forced name change) and it was selected on to another account, it is now lost to you. :(

The name has not been stolen - you changed your name to something different.

The only regret is that you chose a name which Jagex decided needed to be removed - otherwise the old name would have stayed reserved to your account.
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