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About 5 hours ago, i tuned in and saw a 138 viewer twitch livestream about a dev q and a. It had a link in the bottom which took me to the usual log in screen you get on the forums. I entered my login details and then it asked for my bank password which made me suspicious and i closed the site immediately.
I came back an hour ago and found my account in a members world with all my money (about 90mil made from scratch) gone and my first and only bond used when i wanted to save it for later. I'm also missing a few items but i could care less about any of that. All my money is completely gone and i have no idea what to do. Ive heard that jagex cant help with items but is there anyway they can find out who i traded with within the last few hours? Who took all my money? and if i can get it back? please, ive already had my older account from when i was a kid hacked, i know 90mil is barely anything to p2p players but for me its a ton of work as a f2p.
My bond has also been used and i was wondering if i could cancel the membership to get it back or anything.
So far ive done nothing ingame but check my bank and change my password.
Please help..

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In this order.

1) Scan your PC for any virus/keylogger. I think scanning with malwarebytes was a efficient way to find out if you had a keylogger on your PC.

2) Change your password after you done that

For your questions:

You probably won't get your items back.

I don't think there is any way to check who your avatar traded with recently, On OSRS and RS3.

To cancel your P2P, Try asking customer support. Can do so by clicking the 'Support' Button on the top of the website, Right beside the 'Sign out' Button.

Forget whatever the morons over at the 07/RS subreddit said. Customer service isn't as horrible as they make it out to be.

If the membership was bought or obtained recently via a bond they should be able to remove the P2P from your account and refund the Bond provided you haven't done anything like gathering XP in large amounts.

They can even swap it over to another account if you ask nicely. It worked for me.
Add meh

Oh and read this if you want. A support would be appreciated too. :)

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Sorry to hear.

I set up a twitch account in order to claim the valentines loot. I kept it for about a day and then I deleted it. Not only did I find it incredibly boring to watch others play the game instead of playing it myself, but I also am constantly hearing of people with twitch accounts getting hacked. Sounds like a terrible website to hang around on to me. Glad I deleted my account!

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