Missing Items From Bank!

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I recently logged onto my Runescape account for the first time in a few months and noticed that I'm missing quite a few valuables mainly my full Rune plate, 1.4mil in gold, Rune Axe, and Rune Scimmy.

Is it possible for a mod to find out what the hell happened? I want to start getting a membership again but losing all that stuff is kinda a morale destroyer. I already changed my password and secured my account, yet that wont bring back the stuff I lost.

06-Mar-2019 19:12:04

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Hi Redponybest,

According to Jagex's policy, they only return lost items due to technical issues or service disruption.

To find out more information about lost items, click here: Lost Items

I would also advise securing your computer and performing a virus scan just in case.
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06-Mar-2019 20:37:35

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