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Rob Bob
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Rob Bob

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First off, I recently upgraded my phone and in doing so, had to redownload the Authenticator app. The app downloaded fine and everything, but none of the accounts i used in the app are showing up. (runescape included). I read in the support that i need to remove the authenticator from my account before re-initiating it on my account in order for it to work again. However, I've tried disabling it underneath my account on the rs website and the next screen says I should get an e-mail with a link to click on to disable it from my account. However, I'm not getting any e-mails from runescape at all. I've already checked to verify what my registered e-mail is and I currently have access to that e-mail. Is there some sort of delay that I don't know about? I tried disabling yesterday and thought that 24ish hours would be sufficent time to get the e-mail. but i still haven't gotten anything and tried again this morning.

Help please?

Thank You!

-Rob Bob

11-Feb-2019 17:19:56

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