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My account got hacked, was made a member for 14 days for the purpose of transfering p2p items to another account. Does anyone know if theres a way of knowing the details of this transaction made ? Etc. whats the name of a person who made the payment ?

11-Feb-2019 11:40:29

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The payment info would be confidential as would any trading. Jagex wont
tell you name of account that traded with yours. Also the payment for 14
days was more than likely a bond purchased off the GE

If you went thru the hijack support page and followed all the steps then Jagex
knows you were hijacked and will investigate. You will never know the outcome
but Jagex does ban accounts that hijack others. I have seen people come to
this section of forums saying they never hacked anyone how to appeal and that
is one ban that is not appealable.

Im sorry that you were hijacked but i would follow all the steps on the hijack
support page so Jagex will know a hijacking occured and will investigate.

At least you got your account back and it wont be so hard to rebuild.
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11-Feb-2019 12:55:09

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