Why I am done with runescape

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Today, my account was hijacked. I've invested time and money for membership into a game that cannot help when you fall victim to hijacking, even though you follow all their steps of account security, with an authenticator, etc. I honestly feel like im not valued at this point. Ive played runescape since before runescape 3 was a thing. I played runescape 3 and went back to old school when it was released. I've played runeacape. I wasnt the perfecr player. When i was a teenager i was reported and muted for language etc. I learned my lessons and became a better player for the community. I've helped new players and brought new players to the game. Long story short though, nothing can be donento help those who fall victim to hackers. Its terrible really. And i cannot continue to play this amazing game knowing that if i spend time getting more items, i could just fall victim to this abuse again and nothing be done.

Sincerely, a player of runescape off and on throughout the past 14 years.

07-Mar-2019 19:53:18

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Juin666.

I am sorry to hear about your Hijack :(

You said that you use all the security that Jagex do recommend.

Was Auth still active or was it disabled ?
Was your bank pin still active or removed ?
Is the email attached to your account secure with 2fa ?

If yes, Auth are still active and Bank pin are still active , then are there only 2 ways your account could be Hijacked.

1. You got Phished (where you gave all your information away) or some one had access to your code generator and knew your Login details.
2. You allowed a Rat (trojan) into your system , with this can they take control of your IP and Computer (spoofed)

No Auth was turned off , then is that a sign of your email are the problem.
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07-Mar-2019 20:29:28

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Im on mobile. Nothing is on my phone. I use it securely. My auth was on. I didnt click on any links in my email etc. Nothing like that. I was playing fine. Got logged off and for 30 minutes it said my account had recently logged out or that the server was busy. I kept trying to log in. It finally let me in and anything worth value was gone.

07-Mar-2019 20:38:46

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If you were forced out of the game, it confirms that your device is not secure.
You have been deceived into allowing a trojan download which has harvested your login and game access information.

Have you been on any Runescape related social media? (Twitch streams, Facebook pages, Youtube videos)
If so, did you see something about a free giveaway, quitting giveaway or a double exp signup?
Did you click on a link to get to the giveaway or signup?
All these links do is take you to a fake RS webpage - just the act of clicking on the link is all the hijacker needs to get access to your device.

You need to re-secure your mobile: Securing your mobile device
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