need qr code again?

Quick find code: 408-409-975-66081566

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i got a new phone and i have the google authenticater app but i cant connect back to the old phones app codes, iv looked all over tryin to recover the old account onto the new phone (i got the phone to back up all the old apps and stuff and osrsm as well as the authenticater app were backed up on to phone) idk what to do r if this makes sense plz halp :O

06-Feb-2019 07:33:29

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Hi there

If you get a new phone you are going to have to manually remove the two-step verification from each connected account and configurate it once again with your new phone. There is no way to transfer these things between devices by design.

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06-Feb-2019 10:19:19



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Hi i am trying to set up my authenticator but can find the code to set the authenticator up i cant take a pic of the barcode so i need to manually enter the key code but i cant find it would someone be ble to tell me what it is Dcarter79705

11-Feb-2019 00:48:55

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