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Bit confused by this

I stopped playing along time ago, but a while after I tried to log in. I discovered that my account had been hijacked and then been banned for botting by the hijacker. Wasn't going to come back to RuneScape so didn't have a huge issue with it

Until just now I assumed that the account was banned and that was it. I have just received an email from Jagex saying that they have strong evidence the account was involved in attempted transfer of RS accounts or RWT and basically saying they are monitoring my accounts and threatening me with legal proceedings.

So I assumed someone had got access to it again and started botting on it or something,

I just tried to recover it through email and it was successful, but upon logging in it says that the account last logged in 2500 days ago, so I am confused about why I have got this email now of all times? Unless that info is wrong. Also all my levels are not what they were. It was a high level account, now all skills are 1s, 2s and 3s and combat is around 80. I assume this is a punitive measure for the ban?


11-Feb-2019 03:30:23

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Hi there

The email about the RWT offence is
- a phishing email designed to steal your login information.
I hope you did not click on a link in the email.
Information: Suspicious emails

If your old account was banned for macroing, it would still be banned unless you submitted a successful appeal.
It sounds to me like you might have recovered access to another account of yours and not the one you think.

Note that account logins never change.
Very old accounts (pre November 2010) have 'username' logins, newer accounts have email logins.

Jagex has, in the past, applied stat reductions as a punishment for macroing BUT ONLY to the macroed skills, not across the whole set of skills on the account.
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