Unable to report silent bots

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Pur3 Chesty

Pur3 Chesty

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I am unable to report silent bots as there is an Upgrade button in the way of the Report button. Can this be fixed?

As a side note, I'd like to report the player in this screenshot, Go All Out, for botting at the Wilderness Volcano.


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Might be worth tossing a suggestion over in Existing Game Content for the report flag to not be blocked by that interface while on the legacy UI. That area will have the content devs be able to see it and be able to properly adjust the legacy layout.

As for the suspected bot, that has to be reported in-game. There's not a way to report it on the forums since the forums don't record the information that an in-game report option does.

Simply disabling the legacy UI in the settings panel under miscellaneous settings at the bottom will let you be able to hit the report flag easier.
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