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So I used to play Runescape back in 2007 and I had an account I played the game a lot under my old email , but a few years back that email became compromised. I also can't access my recovery email, so I'm completely locked out. Well, I was wondering if there was some possible way I could get access to the account. I know my original password, the city, state, and country I created the account in. I could even name the provider I used back then if I needed to. I already tried emailing with the support steps, but they kept giving me denial emails for the account I was using to send the support ticket (since once again, I can't access the email anymore.) I understand if nothing can be done and at this point in this account I'm about where I was before and then some, but it'd still be cool to access that old account. Regardless of what happens, thank you guys. I love this game and plan to keep playing even if I can't get this account back. Take care.

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