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I've got a question regarding my graphics IG. I've never had problems with running Runescape on my laptop before, but since a few months (after a break of almost a year) my game shows me some weird white background texture (See picture below).

When I change my graphics to minimum the background is just normal, but then it prevents me from seeing some useful thinks like rocketunities etc. Same with changing Textures to off.

Type of client used:
Newest version, just re-installed.
Operating System (Windows Version, Mac OS Version, Linux Version):
Windows 10
Acer Aspire V3-571
Intel Core i5 3230M 2.6GHz boost up to 3.2GHz
Graphics Card:
Intel HD Graphics 4000
6 GB

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Have you updated your graphics card recently? If so, perhaps try downgrading to the previous version as it could be causing some of the shaders to not load successfully. Also, leaving the area and coming back could help load the shade perimeter too if you have loading screens enabled.
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