King Rat fight glitch

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Hello guys,
Today after struggling for a few months I finally decided to do the Ratcatchers quest
But when I got to the King Rat fight, it seems to be glitched, I have tried everything, but my cat doesn`t engage in the battle against that rat.
The dialogue happens, I tell my cat to kill that stupid rat and then nothing happens, my cat just seems to keep following me even though he`s inside the fighting hole.
Does any of you know what could be causing this?

28-Jan-2019 14:59:42

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No idea, but this isn't really a technical issue if it's an ingame bug.
You should use the report feature ingame to report a bug, but you might want to post in another Board first, in case you're doing something wrong, like General. Might also be worth checking video guides if you haven't already, see how it went in that.

It's been years since I did that quest, and I think they've changed it, so I don't have any better recommendation. I think what you probably need is someone who did that quest recently, and you're more likely to find that somewhere else.

29-Jan-2019 10:00:38

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