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So, I'm trying to finish the Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav. On the final Cutscene, I missclicked in the Portal, teleporting me back to the Varrock. Now, when I try to back to New Varrock to Finish the quest, five seconds later the cutscene finishes and the quest didn't finished. Now, I went to a loop, making impossible to complete the quest.
I tried to logoff, restarted the computer, click in everything at cutscene, but end in the same way
IGN: Giirange
Video to see what happened:
On Brazilian Server, 20/01/2019 01:04 BRST or 20/01/2019 03:05 InGame


20-Jan-2019 03:05:36

BCN Mark
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That definitely does sound strange Giirange!

My best guess would be to submit a bug report in game, that will give Jagex the best chance to identify and fix any potential bugs.

You can find instructions on how to do that here:

EDIT: While I haven't done the quest myself, I'd triple check on a site like Rune HQ just to make sure you haven't missed anything :)

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EDIT: The fix is now live. :)

Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know. This is awaiting QA now.


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